The star was left ‘startled’ by the intruder.

Security is being increased for Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas after a crazed fan rushed the stage while she was performing.

On Wednesday night, Spears’ dancers and security grappled with 37-year-old Jess Webb after he crashed the star’s popular show during her final song.

A source revealed: “Obviously, this should never have happened, and they are reviewing their security measures as a result.”
“Britney was left startled after the incident especially with the fact that he got so close to her and actually on to the stage.

“After the Ariana Grande tragedy top performers need to know that venues are totally secure and that the wrong people cannot get to close to them.

“Fortunately, nothing severe happened but a full review will take place to make sure that everyone is comfortable again.”

Crazy Webb, 37, had been acting in a disorderly fashion before he got up on the stage while the mother-of-two performed at her Piece Of Me show at Planet Hollywood.

Spears, 35, was seen clutching on to her security guards as Webb was subdued, asking: ‘He’s got a gun?’ before being led off the stage.

Webb was arrested for trespassing and detained at Clark County Detention Center following the incident last Wednesday.

Spears will be back on stage at Planet Hollywood this evening.


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