chat LG 9KG Washing Machine

₦ 120,000

The LG Washing Machine – is an efficient and effective way to do laundry. It uses a minimum amount of water for washing. This washing machine is minimise water, it wash the clothes, and spins. The clothes are loaded from the top into the perforated baskets that’s in an upright position within a water retaining tub and a water pump in the basket. During the wash cycle, enough water is filled into the outer tub which makes the clothes float freely in the basket. It has a capacity of 9KG for clothing and it has a quick wash functionality that washes clothes in just 15 minutes. rugged for nigeria use. The entire body is completly white


Wind jet dry

Model: WM950

Water supply selector

wash timer

Drain selector

Spin timer

wash capacity: 9kg

Rated spin power: 180w

Rated wash power: 480w

1year warranty


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