Stop making noise; Abubakar, Abba left with 22 car – Arase blasts IGP Idris


The immediate past Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, has warned his successor, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, to stop humiliating past occupants of the office.

In a letter he wrote to Idris, Arase said while he was in office, he ensured that Force Order 295 was put in place to protect ex-IGs from being demeaned.
Arase, noted that he desisted from ridiculing the last two IGs before him even though he knew that they each went away with 13 and nine police vehicles respectively when leaving office.

The former IGPs, were Mohammed Abubakar, who retired in 2014 and Suleiman Abba, who was sacked April last year by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Arase in reply to the allegation by Idris that he (Arase) took away 24 police vehicles while leaving office in June, said rather than denigrate Abba, he bought a brand new bulletproof jeep for Abba, despite the fact that Abba’s administration left a debt of N28bn for him to contend with.

Part of the letter published by Punch reads: “I expect that former occupants of the office of the Inspector-General of Police should not be demeaned. This explains why Force Order 295 was emplaced by the force management under my leadership as acknowledged in your letter in reference.


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