Full steam ahead inpreparation for the FIFAConfederations Cup

A few hours before the final FIFA Confederations

Cup match schedule is known at the Kazan Tennis

Academy, FIFA, the Local Organising Committee

(LOC) and the Host Country provided an update on

the preparations for the Tournament of Champions

taking place from 17 June to 2 July next year.

During the media briefing held at the same venue

as the Official Draw, Russia’s Deputy Prime

Minister, Vitaly Mutko, FIFA President Gianni

Infantino and Local Organising Committee (LOC)

CEO, Alexey Sorokin, went through details of some

of the main operational aspects of the event, such

as infrastructure, security, ticketing, and


FIFA.com brings you the main quotes of the press


Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko

I would like to welcome you to the wonderful city

of Kazan. We did not have any doubts where to

hold the FIFA Confederations Cup draw as Kazan is

a very hospitable city with more than 1,000 years

of history. It’s a city that has been growing and

evolving very fast recently and the capital of

Tatarstan has truly become a major sports city in

Russia and has held a lot of big sports events over

the last few years.

For today, two stadiums are fully operational and

100 per cent ready – it is the Spartak Stadium in

Moscow and the Kazan Arena which FIFA President

Gianni Infantino and myself visited today.

Fisht Stadium in Sochi will be commissioned in

November and we plan to arrange a friendly match

there in March involving the Russian national

football team. Saint Petersburg Stadium will be

commissioned in December and hopefully in March

or April we will arrange a test event there as well.

Apart from that, 12 venue specific training sites

will be used during the tournament. This

infrastructure is to be handed over to the youth

sports academies afterwards and this is the legacy

of the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Part of our obligations as Host Country was visa-

free entrance to Russia during the tournament for

all football supporters who bought tickets. In this

regard, to simplify all the procedures and to

provide additional security guarantees, we plan to

implement FAN ID cards for each supporter

planning to visit the stadium. The FAN ID portal

was launched simultaneously with the FIFA

Confederations Cup tickets Visa pre-sale. There’s

a direct link on FIFA.com that leads to the

dedicated portal with a detailed explanation of all

the procedures on application process. FAN IDs

are to be delivered via post worldwide, but the

electronic confirmation letter would also allow

people to enter Russia. We will be communicating

information on FAN ID as much as possible to all

the parties involved: supporters, teams and

commercial affiliates. Apart from that, we plan to

implement additional services into the FAN ID card.

For example, free ground transportation within the


FIFA President Gianni Infantino

I am happy and pleased being here in Kazan, the

capital of Tatarstan, a city and region which has

incredible cultural and historical heritage, a city

where different cultures and religions are living

peacefully side by side. These are things which are

not really known to the world and football can also

can make these elements and facts known to the

world. That’s why I am happy to be here in Kazan.

Stadiums in Russia are progressing very well, will

be ready in time; perfect status. I know that there

are challenges in Saint Petersburg, but the stadium

will be ready on time – President Putin assured


Also I would like to remind you that the general

phase of ticketing starts on 1 December and you

will be able to buy tickets to all 16 matches. They

will be available on FIFA.com/tickets.

The FIFA World Cup™ in Russia will the first where

we officially will use Video Assistant Referees,

subject to be approved by IFAB in March 2018.

The World Cup is the biggest competition and we

can help referees not to make mistakes. We are

now making tests and will test the system during

the Confederations Cup.

Local Organising Committee (LOC) CEO, Alexey


We have been preparing the FIFA Confederations

Cup Official Draw for a year. In general, we are

deep in the operational phase, after the

Confederations Cup Draw we actively will start to

promote the tournament. We are now working hard

on preparations of it, this is our focus currently.

Another aspect I would like to touch on is the

volunteers programme, which already became the

biggest in Russia’s volunteer movement history.

On Monday we received our 150,000th application

and today we already overcame the level of

153,000 applications. I would like also to add that

during the Confederations Cup, around 5,500

volunteers will be used and also a reserve of 40

per cent prepared. We are happy that the

tournament is so popular.​


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