FIFA launches newexchange platform forits member associations

FIFA has held its first Executive Football Summit,

one of the key initiatives introduced as part of the

FIFA reforms, in Paris on 22 and 23 November. The

series of summits will bring together member

association presidents and general secretaries to

discuss strategic matters and provide a platform

for discussion, debate and an exchange of know-


“It is important that in future the decisions at FIFA

are not dictated from the top but really come from

those who have to engage with and organise

football in their countries every day, and that is

why it is important that we use their feedback and

input to develop our programmes,” said FIFA

President Gianni Infantino.

Each summit brings together the representatives of

around 20 member associations and is divided

into two half-day workshop sessions, conducted in

an informal setting to allow open and constructive

dialogue. The inaugural meeting in Paris brought

together top executives from French-speaking

countries across Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and

Oceania showcasing a wide range of experiences.

“We’ve enjoyed a familiar atmosphere, a football-

loving atmosphere, with deep discussions at the

same time,” said the President of the Haiti Football

Association, Yves Jean Bart. “I’ve heard comments

from African colleagues that have shown me that

the world of football is the same everywhere and

we all face the same issues. I think we should get

to know each other better, understand each other

better, appreciate each other more and probably

develop joint actions.”

The main topic on the agenda of the Paris summit

was FIFA’s revamped development programme,

Forward, which raised great interest and many

questions among the member associations.

“Today, we can see that the Forward Programme

will allow improvements to be made in the

governance and management of national

associations. Through Forward we can review the

whole administrative structure of an association,”

said President of the Democratic Republic of Congo

FA and FIFA Council member Constant Omari.

“It gives us the opportunity to give and receive

feedback about projects and programmes. We

receive clarification and can better understand

some topics that we often find unclear,” explained

Jean Bart.

“The programmes presented by FIFA are very

interesting, extremely positive,” added the

President of the French Football Association, Noël

Le Graet. “I think that, in a short time frame, FIFA

has done a great deal of work. I see that FIFA has

a sharing nature and I like that. All of the smaller,

less privileged associations really need FIFA.”

The 11 FIFA Executive Football Summits will be

held in six venues around the world between

November 2016 and March 2017. Following the

launch in Paris, two summits will take place in

Singapore (6-8 December), two in Miami (17-18

January), two in Doha (14-16 February), two in

Addis Ababa (21-23 February) and two in London

(7-9 March). Key findings from the discussions will

then be fed back to the relevant decision-making

bodies within FIFA.​


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