Dasuki did not steal $2. 2 billion – Jonathan finally speaks


Former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has
said that it was impossible for his former National
Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki,
to have
stolen $2.2 billion as being accused by the
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

Responding to questions after his lecture on Youth
Entrepreneurship at the famous Oxford Union in the
United Kingdom, Jonathan, said: “They said the
National Security Adviser (Sambo Dasuki) stole $
2.2billion. I don’t believe somebody can just steal
$2.2 billion.
“We bought warships, we bought aircraft, we
bought lots of weapons for the army and so on
and so forth and you are still saying 2.2 billion, so
where did we get the money to buy all those


“Yes, there were some issues. Yes, there are still
corruption issues but some of it were over blown.
I’d say exaggerated and they give a very bad
impression about our nation. You cannot say the
national security adviser stole $2.2billion. It is not
just possible.”

To avoid sounding confrontational with the current
government, Mr Jonathan explained that some of
the corruption cases were still in court and he
would rather allow the legal processes to reveal
the facts of the matter.


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