Japan park blasts: 1 dead and 3 injured after explosions rock city packed with tourists


ONE person has been killed and three people
injured as simultaneous explosions tore through a
city packed with tourists.


One person was found dead and one of the injured
is thought to be in critical condition after three
blasts near a Japanese park on Sunday morning.
The explosions occurred in Utsunomiya – 60 miles
north of capital Tokyo – shortly after 11.30am
local time, 3.30am British time.



Two burned out cars can be seen in footage from
news helicopters.
A camera at a nearby radio station recorded the
sound of several explosions.
The first was recorded at 11.31am, the second at
11.32am and a third, bigger sound was recorded
15 seconds later.
A local at the scene said: “I felt a severe
shockwave then heard a sound that seemed louder
than a gas cylinder exploding.
“There was one explosion followed by a bigger
Another added they: “smelled gunpowder”.


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