Heartbreaking moment Mosul girl weeps ‘I thought you’d never come’ as forces arrive to recapture city from ISIS


Ten-year-old Aysha tells troops how her father, as
well as other children, have been killed by Islamic
State in her village of Kafel, near Iraq’s second
This is the heartbreaking moment a little girl
weeps and offers to ‘kiss the feet’ of forces arriving
to reclaim her city from Islamic State.
Ten-year-old Aysha tells troops “I thought you’d
never come” as they arrived near Mosul in
northern Iraq, which has been under ISIS control
since 2014.
The child described how her village Kafer, around
18 miles from Mosul, had been ripped apart by the
Islamist extremists.
She said her father, as well as other children in the
village, had been killed and her family left with

She spoke emotionally into a camera as Iraqi
soldiers arrived, saying: “I’m so thankful to you, I
thought you’d never come for us.


The girl was comforted by Iraqi troops

“My father was killed by the terrorists,” she
“The IS men have taken away so many children
from the village and we don’t know what happened
to them.
“Some of them died. The men made my mother
give them money and jewels and we have nothing.
“Thank you, thank you. I would like to kiss your


The 10-year-old girl told soldiers ‘I thought you’d
never come’


Kurdish forces have launched a new push on
Mosul as part of a huge operation aimed at
recapturing the country’s second largest city from
the extremists.


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