Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier: Algeria to face Eagles with ‘cheap coach’


By Judith Nwabia

President of Algeria football federation, Mohamed
Raouraoua has declared that the FA wont go for a
coach that would be too expensive to pay, even as
it continues the search for a new manager for the
Foxes ahead of the November 12 World Cup
qualifier against Nigeria.

Raouraoua in an interview granted ENTV said
hiring an expensive manager would see FAF
running to government for the salary of the coach,
a step which he insisted the football federation is
not ready to take.
Algeria is shopping for a replacement for Serb
tactician, Milovan Rajevac after he resigned
following a disappointing 1-1 draw at home with
“We cannot recruit coaches to pay 400 or 500,000
euros a month, I cannot give a salary of 5 or 6
million to a national coach. To do so means that
the FA would need government support to pay and
we are not ready to do that. In FAF, we work within
our means and will not go to government to help
in paying a coach as we have not done that since
2009,” Raouraoua said.
Several top French coaches including Rolland
Courbis, Alain Perrin and Paul Le Guen have been
linked with the vacant Algeria post. But given the
position of the FAF boss, it may be difficult for the
Foxes to hire any of the coaches.
Meanwhile the Algerian FA has been armed with a
dossier of the Uyo Nest of Champions where the
Eagles will play host to the Foxes.
Vice President of FAF, Djahid Zefizef was last week
in Uyo where he was conducted on a guided tour
of the arena by Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)
officials. The Algerian FA had made a written
request to NFF to be allowed to feel the stadium
ahead of the November 12 showdown.


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