I have no problem with sex before marriage – Selina Boateng


Gospel singer Selina Boateng, has said though she
is strongly opposed to sex before marriage, she
will nonetheless not condemn non-Christians who
engage in the act.

Speaking on ‘Pae Mu Kae’, a segment on Kasapa
Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5FM, the gospel diva
stated that in as much as she’ll not have sex
before marriage as the Bible frowns upon the act,
she sees nothing wrong with others doing it to
avoid embarrassment and disappointment
eventually when they marry.
“I have a lot to say about sex before marriage, in
view of the Christian custom, I will agree on it that
a lady and young man who want to settle down as
husband and wife should first ‘taste’ it since it’s
sometimes embarrassing that after you are married
to this man but the man’s manhood is small and
can’t deliver as expected.”
When asked if she is in a relationship, she averred
that “Yes I’m in a relationship but we (Christians)
say it’s courtship.”

She noted that one can be in courtship if the
partner is a Christian adding that the as Christian
partners when there are issues in marriage, it is so
easy to resolve the differences.
‘Pae Mu Ka’ is a new segment on Kasapa
Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5FM, it seeks to
delve into the real life situations of Ghanaian
celebrities. Kasapa Entertainment is hosted by
Radio and Television Award nominee, Kojo Preko
Dankwa every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm.


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