Syrian rebels killed in car bomb blast near Turkey


At least 20 people, most of them rebels, were
killed in a car bomb attack on Thursday that
targeted an opposition checkpoint in northern
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The blast – which hit a checkpoint run by a Free
Syrian Army (FSA) affiliate near the city of Azaz,
close to the border with Turkey – sent dozens of
wounded to nearby hospitals.
At least 14 of the dead were believed to be rebel
fighters, according to the UK-based Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights.
The death toll was likely to rise because of the
number of seriously injured, according to the
Observatory, which uses a network of sources on
the ground to monitor the five-year-old conflict.
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The checkpoint was operated by the Levant Front,
a group connected to the FSA that is active in
Aleppo province. It was on the road to the Bab al-
Salamah crossing into Turkey.
The area is a stronghold of Turkish-backed Syrian
rebels involved in a major operation aimed at
clearing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
from the border region.
ISIL has regularly targeted rebel factions with
bombings, including an October 6 attack at a
border crossing in neighbouring Idlib province that
killed 29 opposition fighters.


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