Tension as 501 Ghanaian soldiers opt to join Boko Haram, ISIS


Recruits who were dismissed by the army in 2015
are free to decide, says the Ghana Armed Forces.

Public Affairs Director of the GAF, Lt Col Eric
Aggrey-Quashie said the 501 recruits can go
wherever they want to go, but the military will not
reinstate them.

File photo: Soldiers ready to join Boko Haram and
ISIS over unfair dismissal from the army.
In an interview with Adom FM, the convener of the
dismissed recruits, Frank Antwi, indicated that the
training they had before their dismissal from the
military could be of use to any militant group and
warned that some of the disappointed recruits
would not hesitate to join the ranks of terrorist
organisations such as ISIS and Boko Haram should
the need arise.

He pleaded for the military command to reinstate
them to prevent any such outcome which could be
a potential security threat to the nation.
However, Lt Col Aggrey-Quashie, who spoke to
classfmonline.com on Wednesday October 12 said:
“Everybody has the right to do what he wants with
his life and, so, if this is what you want to use
your life for, I will leave it to them and their
families. If they think that is the best thing that
their siblings or wards can undertake, then that is
fine for them.”
“As for the Armed Forces, we do not have anything
to do with them anymore because they did
something that went against our regulations, for
which reason their training was stopped. Once that
is done, you cannot continue with us.”

For him, the military “is built on discipline” and so
that discipline will have to be maintained at all
The recruits, who were undergoing training at the
Army Recruits Training School at Shai Hills, were
dismissed for misconduct last year.
There is a growing concern following agitation by
some 501 sacked Army recruits who are
threatened to join terrorist groups like ISIS or Boko
According to Ghana Web, the threat comes after
what the soldiers have termed an unfair treatment
after they were unceremoniously dumped out of
boot camp.
The recruits said even though some of their
colleagues were found wanting by the instructors,
they had never claimed the training was too
difficult as claimed by the leadership of the training
school, the basis for which they were sent home.

Convener of the recruits Frank Antwi, in an
interview with Adom News said though they could
not complete their training, the training they had
before the unfortunate dismissal from the training
school is enough to qualify them to be recruited
into ISIS or Boko Haram unless they are recalled
into the training school.
They believe they qualified but have been
dismissed wrongly as a result of other
considerations instead of their inability to complete
the required training.
But a Security Expert and Assistant Director at the
New York University, Dr Nicholas Nii Okine has
condemned the threat and recommended that
National Peace Council and the intelligence
agencies step in.
He is suggesting counseling and mini reintegration
process to re-tool them to perform other duties for
the state, cautioning that this threat if not managed
could be disastrous.


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