Suspected female suicide bomber strikes in Nigeria


Eight people were killed and at least 15 wounded
on Wednesday in a car bomb attack in Nigeria’s
northeastern Borno state.


Police said the body of the suspected female
bomber was believed among others found on the
roadside in Maiduguri, the state capital.
“A suicide bomber went into a car this morning,
which was supposed to join a convoy to be
escorted by security forces while leaving the city,”

“The suicide bomber was in the car with other
female passengers. Before the car could join the
convoy, the suicide bomber exploded herself,
killing all of the five occupants, including the
driver, as well as three others outside.”

“About eight people lost their lives, 15 injured
people were evacuated to specialist and teaching
hospitals,” the National Emergency Management
Agency said in a statement.
Cars in Borno state often travel in convoys
organised by the military to minimise the risk of
ambushes in rural areas from the armed group
Boko Haram .
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the
blast, but Boko Haram has done so in the past for
similar attacks.
In recent months, the army has retaken much of
the territory initially lost to the group, which has
killed thousands of people since 2009. However,
Boko Haram still frequently stages suicide-bomb
attacks and plants roadside explosive devices.


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