Kim Kardashian Thinks ”It’s Crazy” That People Are Questioning Her Paris Robbery


It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian is shaken up
after her terrifying night in Paris,
but along with
trying to deal with what happened, the E! star is
now also facing criticism from some skeptics that
the entire robbery was a publicity stunt.
We’re told Kim is stunned people would even
contemplate that she was behind what happened.
“It’s crazy to her that people, even for a second,
think she is fabricating this story,” a source close
to the star tells E! News, adding that right now,
“She feels like no one understands her and what
she been through.”
“Kim is surrounded by her friends and family now.
She is really upset and is going to speak to a
therapist in deeper lengths about this,” the insider


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As for her hubby Kanye West , who left mid-New
York concert when he became aware of what
happened, we’re told he’s been staying by Kim’s
side. And he’s already working toward replacing
that gigantic diamond that was taken from her.
“Kanye have been so supportive to Kim and is
being a really great husband through all of this.
Kim is extremely sensitive and Kanye is just letting
her do her and heal,” the source explains. “He is
pissed, though, and really wants to make these
people pay for what they put his wife through. He
plans on getting her new jewelry by Lorraine
[Schwartz] and this diamond might just be bigger.”
Kim’s not against getting another ring, but she’ll
definitely rethink flaunting her jewels on social
media. “She wants another ring eventually and she
will just be very careful on how she displays it
going forward,” the insider adds.
“Her jewelry is part of her and she is not blaming
herself for wearing the diamonds she’s been given.
She knows that her image is what makes Kim,
Kim. She just has to be very careful going forward.
She will be getting 24/7 security when she travels
going forward.”


The mother of two has kept a deeply private profile
since returning to the United States after being
gagged, bound and held at gunpoint by robbers in
France. After fearing for her life, the reality star
returned to New York City, reunited with Yeezy and
retreated to their Big Apple Airbnb.
Currently, Kim is coping with the personal
aftermath of the life-threatening experience. A
source told E! News she is “emotionally damaged
right now.”
“This is something that has the potential to screw
anyone up for a very long time,” the insider said.
“It was incredibly frightening and it’s going to take
a while to get over it.”


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