Fears lad ‘beaten to death


TRAGEDY: Carl Gregory was beaten to death after
an alleged fight over Pokemon Go
Carl Gregory,
20, from Ramsgate, in Kent, was
killed on Tuesday after he allegedly got into a fight
with two blokes over the popular mobile app.
Paramedics were called to a car park near
Westwood Cross Shopping Centre at 10.12pm on
October 4, but Carl he was pronounced dead at the


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It is believed he died in the arms of his girlfriend
Chloe Lemare, 19 – who is also a Pokemon Go
Two men aged 20 and 27 have been arrested by
police on suspicion of murder.



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HEARTBROKEN: Carl’s girlfriend Chloe said she
wished she could have saved him

Pokemon Go attracted widespread attention as
thousands of players worldwide took to the streets
to track down and capture monsters using
augmented reality and their mobile’s GPS system.
Chloe’s mum Shanice has revealed she fears Carl
may have died over his love of Pokemon Go.
In a Facebook post, she said: “F****** Pokemon.
He was killed for nothing. He’s just a kid and a
lovely one at that. Is this what life’s come to?”
Carl had frequently shared his love of the
augmented reality app – even posting regular
updates of his Pokemon levels on Facebook.


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