Here’s How Kim Kardashian Escaped After Her Paris Robbery


New details are emerging from Kim Kardashian ‘s
frightful robbery in her Paris hotel room.


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Earlier today, E! News learned what the Keeping Up
With the Kardashians star endured when two
masked men dressed as police officers held her up
at gunpoint.
A source shared that the reality star was gagged
and bound at her hands and feet, then handcuffed
and held at gunpoint. The robbers later wrapped
Kim’s mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub.
For those curious to learn how Kim was able to get
help and escape any danger once the robbers left,
we have some answers.
E! News can confirm Kim’s close friend and stylist
Simone Harouche was inside the Paris space at the
time of the robbery. After hearing the commotion,
Simone locked herself in a downstairs bathroom.

“Simone texted [Kim’s bodyguard] Pascal Duvier
and Kourtney Kardashian,” our source shared.
“She couldn’t dial 911 from her phone.”
Once the robbers left about five minutes later, Kim
ran to Simone with duct tape on her legs and then
told Simone to jump off the balcony to get free.
Ultimately, they were rescued when security and
police arrived allowing Kim to give a statement and
share her story before flying back to the East
Coast. Simone, meanwhile, is back in Los Angeles
after the scary ordeal.


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