Sexy girls strip off on stage in raunchy footage from legendary Ibiza club


FOOTAGE taken by a reveller inside an Ibiza club
shows the moment two naked dancers got hot and
heavy during an on stage striptease – to the
delight of a packed-out crowd.


The clip begins by showing two naked dancers
performing on an enormous stage alongside four
semi-naked back-up dancers gyrating seductively
on platforms behind them.
Standing in a bathtub, the pair hold up a bottle of
liquid each, before dousing their naked bodies in
the unidentified white liquid.

Clearly keen to make sure every inch is covered,
one of the two stunners grabs another bottle and
pours the contents over her grateful friend’s boobs
before the clip ends.

RAUNCHY BUSINESS: The two girls get very
intimate on stage at Amnesia
More than 16,000 people have seen the clip since
it was posted on social media site Reddit earlier
this week.
“A wonderful find. One day I’ll be there when this
stuff happens,” said one satisfied viewer.
Another added: “If only this clip lasted a little


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