Eminem to release new album ‘Root’


Eminem has been ruling in the international music
industry for so many years.
His magnificent voice
and singing style grabbed the attention of everyone
from teenagers to adult. Every year all music
lovers eagerly wait for his new album.
His last album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, was
released in November 2013. This amazing album
became very famous within few days after its
release, which featured his shady voice. The album
won a Grammy award, and since then everyone is
waiting for his another album.
After releasing his last album, the 43-year-old
singer got busy with some other things while
some rumors claimed that he might be preparing
for a new album. It started with the entry of a new
artist to his group. Others also speculated that
Eminem is getting delayed to release the new
album due to his bankruptcy.
Some critics said that singer is not motivated
enough with the new album.
However, these talks could not reduce his fame
rather these made all music lovers to wait very
patiently for the release of the new album.

Apart from negative views, there are also positive
news about his latest album.
According to reports, the name of the new album
would be “Root”, which consists of 12 new songs.
The famous rapper revealed that the dream group
consists of Kendrick, Lamar, Snoop and Eminem
himself. So there is no doubt that this new
enthusiastic group will rock the entire music
industry for some time.
However, talks about the release date of this new
album has not stopped yet. Everybody is eagerly
waiting to listen to his magnificent voice again.
So, cross your finger and ready to listen all new
compositions because the release date might be in
the corner.


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