8 things to keep in mind while travelling with your dog


Do not feed your dog right before he sits in the car
and do not drive too fast when you are travelling
with your pets, says an expert.

Swati Tondon, expert of whatspup.in, a website
providing pet supplies, services and accessories,
shared tips to keep in mind while travelling with
your four-legged friends.
1. Motion sickness: Like humans, dogs too feel
sick in the stomach in a moving car. Half an
hour before taking him in the car, you should
give him a medicine for motion sickness.
Consult the vet about what medicine to give.
The vet will prescribe the medicine
depending on the size and the weight of your
2. Vet alert: Our dogs mostly stay at home and
don’t travel a lot. The only time they get into
the car is to go to the vet and start
associating cars with vet visits. Make them
believe that they are not going to the vet and
occasionally take them out for drives or to
3. Food: Do not feed the dog right before it sits
in the car. Feed him at least an hour before
travelling. Always remember to keep the
portion small. The same rule applies for
water. Do not give him too much water right
before the drive.
4. Walks: Before you make him sit in the car,
take him for a good walk so that he gets
tired and fall asleep in the car.
5. Travel bags: Make a travel bag for the pet.
The bag should contain a first aid kit, water,
treats, bowl, wet and dry tissues, potty
scooper, lint roller and a seat protector for
the car.
6. Drive: Do not drive too fast and be careful
with the bumps and speed breakers.
7. Windows up: Even if your pet enjoys with the
windows down, do not let him hang out as it
is dangerous. The pet might get excited and
can try to jump out.
8. Pet breaks: If you are travelling for a long
distance take a break in every half an hour,
take your dog out of the car and make him
walk a little.


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