Houston shooting: Nine injured, suspect dead


Nazi emblems were found among the
“personal effects” of the man who was killed in
Houston Monday after wounding nine people in a
mass shooting, a
according to the head of the police
homicide division.
Capt. D.W. Ready said the shooter was dressed in
some kind of military uniform and had Nazi
emblems with him and at his house.


Several transported to hospital in Houston

However, Ready would not speculate on whether
the Nazi insignia would help establish a motive. He
said the emblems may have been collector’s
items. At the shooter’s home, police found vintage
military equipment and paraphernalia dating back
to the Civil War.
“At this point we are very open-minded as to the
motive,” said acting Chief Martha Montalvo.
She described the shooter as a lawyer who had
“issues” at his law office.


Gunshots brought quick police response
The Bellaire Police Department and West University
Police Department also responded with Houston
police to the report of an active shooter in a
neighborhood strip mall in the affluent
neighborhood of West University Place at 6:30
Nine officers engaged the gunman in a gunfight
while assisting wounded citizens, Ready said. The
gunman took cover behind a tree, he said.


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