Mugabe threatens Africa will leave United Nations


Though the 71st General Assembly of the United
Nations just ended successfully, a new
controversy that could tear the organisation apart
is brewing.

CCTV Africa is reporting that the Zimbabwean
President Robert Mugabe has threatened that
Africa would pull out of the UN because of the
global organisation’s refusal to admit the continent
into the permanent membership of the United
Nations Security Council despite various efforts.

Robert Mugabe returned from the UN general
assembly with a pull-out threat
Mugabe claims that many attempts by the African
Union to become a member of the security council
had failed, according to the report which quoted
the Sunday Mail.
“This year we went to UN as an African committee
after we agreed to join hands and speak with one
voice on the issue of vetoing power…It’s
unfortunate that we had not finished and agreed on
our position as the African Union, but I hope all
will be fine next year.

But next year in September if they keep on
refusing to accept and give the Africa Union the
veto powers we will pull out,” the report quoted
him as saying at the Harare International Airport
upon his return to the country from the General
Assembly which was held in New York, the United
According to the report, the security council
currently comprises China, Russia, Britain, France,
and the United States while Britain, France and
America are said to be frustrating Africa from
becoming a member.


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