Cocaine suspect hides drug in collar

Fidelis Soriwei

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, has
said that Boko Haram insurgents are on the verge
of a final defeat by the military.

Buratai spoke at an interactive session organised
by the Nigerian Union of Journalists in Abuja on
The Army chief said no local government area in
the country was under the occupation of Boko

According to him, the insurgents are using the
Niger territory to launch attacks on Nigeria. He
also noted that the insurgents carried out an attack
on a location of troops at Abadam, Borno State,
but were repelled.
Buratai explained that the Army had made
tremendous efforts to ensure that the ongoing
operation was boosted with Intelligence
surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.
He praised the army for doing the nation proud
despite the covert tactics employed by the
He said, “We have made tremendous efforts to
ensure that our operations are covered by ISR
platforms. We have satellite images and even used
drones to provide aerial photographs of the areas
we operate in. You know the mode of operation of
the terrorists; they hide under the cover of
darkness, they have a very good way of concealing
themselves, they regroup and then come out to
“But we are up to the task and our troops are
doing us proud there. They will ensure these are
the last moves they (insurgents) are making before
their final and eventual crushing by the military. No
local government is under Boko Haram. Even as at
this morning (Saturday), these criminals attacked
our troops in Abadam, but we are holding on to
that local government. Mostly, they are coming
from Nigerien territory.”
Reacting to the Amnesty International’s allegations
of rights violation against the Army, Buratai said
the Army had investigated all such cases and
punished those found wanting in accordance with
the law.
Also commenting on the issue of his ownership of
some assets in Dubai, the Army chief said they
were not mansions as reported by a section of the
He said he had declared the assets with the Code
of Conduct Bureau and had them verified in
accordance with constitutional provision.
Buratai also called on Nigerians not to give money
to soldiers at the various operational checkpoints
across the country.
He urged the members of the public to report any
incident of extortion involving the soldiers with
date, specific time and the location to the Civil/
Military Relations unit of the service for prompt


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