Christina Grimmie Honored With Touching Tribute on Anniversary of Her First iHeartRadio Music


Christina Grimmie’s memory continues to live on.

The 2016 iHeart Radio Music Festival paid tribute
to the late singer just a year after she first
performed at the annual event with a moving
compilation of her too short-lived career.
In between shots of her live performances and viral
YouTube videos, Grimmie, who was tragically
killed by a gunman in June, narrates the video
with a poignant message to her loyal followers.
“My fans are literally the biggest part of why I’m
this far, why I’m doing what I’m doing is because
you guys support me and have such a love for
me,” she says, later adding, “You are an extremely
unique, individual person. Don’t let those invalid
opinions of others just bring you to the pits, okay?”


In 2015, the former Voice contestant won the fan-
voted Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star contest where
she kicked off the Las Vegas-based music fest
with a set of her original music.
Since the 22-year-old’s shocking death three
months ago, Grimmie’s family released a four-
song visual EP she recorded before her passing.
Grimmie will also make her film debut
posthumously in the upcoming indie flick The
Matchbreaker, set to hit theaters Oct. 7.
During the 2016 Emmys telecast, Christina’s fan
base lambasted the award show on social media
for not including the artist in its “In Memoriam”


Grimmie was fatally shot while signing autographs
for fans at Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater on June
10, an incident that brought her friends, family and
fans as well as the music community together in
mourning. During a memorial service, her brother
Marcus, who was present at the time of the
shooting, addressed the crowds who came out to
pay their respects.
“I don’t have anything to say, I don’t have words
still and it’s a good and bad thing,” he said. “All
I’m going to say is thank God for the mark that
she left on this world. Thanks mom and dad I
know it’s going to be really tough for us to move


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