Syria: Heavy bombardment hits Aleppo for second day


Cluster bombs have left entire streets in flames
after the Syrian government announced a major
offensive on rebel-held areas.

Sky sources said at least five different parts of
Aleppo had been targeted on Thursday evening, as
a week-long truce collapsed.
Video footage showed buildings on fire and a
journalist for the AFP news agency said his street
in the Bustan al-Qasr district was burning.

Bashar al Assad has denied bombing civilians in
The destruction in the contested city’s rebel-held
eastern quarters was caused by a combination of
air strikes and shelling.
In a statement carried on state news the
government forces called on citizens to keep away
from “terrorist groups”.
It said it would provide shelter to any residents
leaving the neighbourhoods through designated
safe passages.

What is Russia telling citizens about Syria?
The 250,000 residents of east Aleppo, which rebels
have held since 2012, have been living under
government siege since early September.


Activists say at least 12 people were killed in
presumed government or Russian airstrikes and
shelling on the eastern quarters on Thursday.


Sergei Lavrov (centre left) and John Kerry (centre)
among delegates at the International Syria Support
Group meeting in New York
President Bashar al Assad has denied bombing
civilians in Aleppo and has blamed the West for
much of the destruction.
The announcement of new strikes came as the US
and Russia convened a last-ditch meeting in New
York to save their ceasefire plan.
After the meeting of the International Syria Support
Group, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the
ceasefire was not revived.
France demanded Syria ground its planes, while
the Netherlands said the new Syrian government
offensive sent the wrong signal.
Russia, meanwhile, said “nothing happened”.


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