Aid convoy bombed in Syria


Syrian or Russian warplanes bombed aid trucks
near Aleppo after a fragile week-long ceasefire
as it appeared the bloody five-year war was
fully back on late on Monday.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human
Rights said at least 32 people were killed in
dozens of air strikes launched in and around
Aleppo after the truce officially came to an end at
1600 GMT.
The war monitor said the aid trucks made a
routine delivery to an area west of Aleppo city and
were hit near the town of Urm al-Kubra, killing 12

An official with the Syrian Red Crescent confirmed
aid vehicles operated by the group had been
targeted by air strikes as warplanes resumed
bombings in Aleppo province.
Staffan de Mistura, United Nations Special Envoy
for Syria, denounced the air raid. “Our outrage at
this attack is enormous… The convoy was the
outcome of a long process of permission and
preparations to assist isolated civilians,” he said.

Syria’s military on Monday declared that the
seven-day, US-Russian brokered ceasefire was
over as the government and opposition traded
accusations over mounting violations.
An AFP news agency correspondent in Aleppo
reported the northern city was being pummeled.
Sirens wailed as ambulances zipped through the
eastern rebel-held half of the divided city, the
correspondent said, describing the bombardment
as “non-stop”.
The Russian military said rebels launched a major
attack on a government position on Aleppo’s
southwestern outskirts, forcing Syrian troops to
“The attack by the terrorists was proceeded by a
massive artillery bombardment … from tanks and
rocket systems,” it said.
The US said it’s prepared to extend the fractured
truce, and Russia – after blaming rebels for the
violations – suggested it could still be salvaged.
In the wake of the Syrian military declaration, US
Secretary of State John Kerry expressed annoyance
at Damascus and Moscow’s handling of the


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