Who is after Peace Mass Transit?

We have clearly confirmed that there are those out
to destroy our business, using falsehood and
make belief as their tool.


For more than 3 months, a particular road crash
involving one of our buses is being re-posted in
facebook as a breaking news every week,
to scare
our passengers. Even when the federal road safety
and the police reports absorbed us from blame on
this particular accident.
On August 5, 2016 one bobsani.com blog posted
that “a suspected Peace mass transit vehicle
somersaulted into Meme Bridge” . When we called
him to confirm his report, he apologized, that he
was misled and we forgave him, even though the
damage has been done.
On August 30, 2016 one jujufilms.tv “ https://
jujufilms.tv/?s=peace+mass+transit ’’ on her
website claimed that a PMT bus was involved in a
road crash at Okada, Edo state. Till date we have
not seen the said bus involved in this, he just
posted a picture of a busy road, and used our hard
earned name to attract traffic to her site or to
satisfy whoever she is working for.


On September 6, 2016 one Afronews.com
manipulated the picture of a Siena car, with a
popular company’s logo that is not ours, with
some lifeless bodies on the road and posted as
breaking news, “a fatal accident involving Peace
Mass Transit Bus” . We don’t own a Siena car, our
logo and colour are known, but since they have
not been able to manipulate our bus into a crash
for some time now, and in desperation to earn
some cash they decided to use self help by
creating a fake one, may God continue to protect
his children. This sponsored campaign of calumny
has been on against us for over one year without
our knowledge. They will create a fake accident
and call on government agencies to ban Peace
Mass Transit.


Peace Mass Transit is safety conscious. This is
why we introduced the speed limiter in Nigeria, in
2009, which the Federal road safety adopted. We
just concluded the retraining of over 2000 drivers
at the federal road safety academy Udi. By ratio,
Peace mass transit remains the safest road
transport company in Nigeria. Our 21 years
experience and over 4000 workforce stands us
out. We are Peace, our customer’s peace, safety
and satisfaction is our goal. We are not perfect, but
we are making efforts daily, to get better.
We appeal to bloggers to stop using our hard
earned name falsely, to satisfy their pay masters as
we are now ready to take legal actions against any
more of this. God bless us all.


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