Why I dumped my one day old baby – Mother


By Christopher Oji

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested one
Ifunanya Eme for allegedly dumping her one- day-
old baby girl in the bush.

Ifunanya, aged 31, and a single mother, claimed
she dropped the baby to die in the bush as she
had no means of feeding her.
“The man responsible for the pregnancy denied
me. I was staying in Ajah, a Lagos suburb, but
relocated to Ajamgbadi where I was offered a job in
a factory. When I thought about losing the job, I
made up my mind to dump the baby that has
already put me in problem.
“The baby is a child of destiny because, I did not
go for ante-natal throughout the pregnancy. The
day I was in labour, I did not seek assistance from
anybody. I went to the bush with a knife. I
delivered myself of the baby and I used it to cut
the placenta. In fact, I made up my mind that I
must do away with the baby. I don’t want to be
embarrassed in future by the baby who would ask
of her father.
“The only thing I know is that the man who is
responsible for the pregnancy told me he was
traveling. Since that day till now, the phone
number he gave me can’t be reached, she said.
A police officer who doesn’t want to be named
said the baby was discovered by a passer-by who
heard her crying and reported to the police.
He said the trace of blood was trailed to the a
house,where the woman was found.
Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the
command has taken custody of the baby.
He said, “the baby was seen by the eagle eye the
patrol team from Ajamgbadi Division. They picked
up the baby during investigation, they were able to
trace the mother. “The baby was taken to the
hospital for examination and we will do the needful
by sending her to the appropriate government
agency for rehabilitation.”


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