Adamawa State Governor, Bindo, called on President to intervene on 9,600 Internally Displaced Persons


Hindi Livinus, Yola

Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindo, has called
on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and
ensure that the 9,600 people still living in the
Internally Displaced Persons’
camps operated by
the state are quickly resettled in their hometowns.
Bindo, who made the call during the Eid-el- Kabir
celebration, said left to his administration, all the
IDP camps would be closed.
He said his demand was informed by the fact he
was not happy with the situation in the camps
since the occupants were no less human than
other people elsewhere.

According to him, his administration is very much
predisposed to closing down the camps but has
been unable to do so because the infrastructure
destroyed by the insurgents in most of the
communities have yet to be rebuilt.
He said, “We are here to appreciate our people and
to celebrate the Eid-el-Kabir with them because
they are people like us.
“They are not less than anyone of us here. Don’t
be surprised that one of the children given birth to
in this camp can become the President of this
country one day. Any of them could become a
governor or a senator. Thus, we should not
consider ourselves as better than them.
“Since this administration is for the poor, it has
said it will repair their damaged homes, fix their
destroyed hospitals, schools, worship places and
other destroyed infrastructure. I want to assure
you that the government is committed to doing
He called on President Buhari to quickly intervene
and fix every destroyed infrastructure in the North-
East as promised to pave the way for the return of
the IDPs to their various homes.
“I am appealing to the Federal Government and
President Muhammadu Buhari to come to their
“Left to me, I want the camps closed. But there’s
no way we can close the camps when the homes
they will return to have yet to be rebuilt.
“Their places of worship, both churches and
mosques, have yet to be rebuilt. The hospitals are
not there and there is no access to clean water.
Therefore, we are urgently calling on the Federal
Government and especially Mr. President to
quickly fix every destroyed infrastructure in the
North-East to pave the way for the quick
resettlement of those displaced by the insurgency
because their continuous stay here is not good.”
Haruna Furo, the Executive Secretary of the
Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency,
said it was unique of the governor to have
celebrated with the over 9,000 IDPs in the state on
Sallah day.


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