Borno: Troops kill female Suicide Bomber


A female suicide bomber was gunned down by Nigerian troop as she was attempting to attack a market in Borno state, where scores of Muslims preparing for Eid al-Adha celebrations in the volatile region.

Shoe week

The killing of the suicide bomber and subsequent neutralizing the IED she was carrying occurred just as the military alerted Nigerians to be wary of “people who dress like or appear like mad people, or pretend to be mentally unbalanced, as they could suicide bombers”, Vanguard reported.

A statement signed by Acting Director of Nigerian Army Public Relations, Col Sani Usman, said, a suspected “female suicide bomber was seen approaching troops check point located at Kara market”, in Borno State.

“She was challenged from afar by the vigilant duty sentry, she refused to stop claiming to be coming from Monguno to see her parents in Dikwa.”

“Troops sensing the direction of approach was suspicious and abnormal, fired a shot at her and later it became clear that she was carrying an Improvised Explosive Device which exploded with a loud bang, killing her instantly.
The explosive also caused minor injury on 2 soldiers and a Civilian JTF assisting them. The injured soldiers and the civilian have been treated and have continued with their duties.

According to Col Usman, “This incident has shown that there are a few of the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists that are determined to carry out criminal acts to create panic and insecurity in some areas”.

“In a related development, there is also very reliable information that some elements of the Boko Haram terrorist group now disguise or pretend to be mad men or women in order to gain access to some locations especially in Maiduguri.”

“Therefore, it is imperative for all to be more security conscious and vigilant especially during the Eid festivities and public holidays.”

(Source: FARSNEWS)


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