Solange Knowles Details Concert Experience Where She Didn’t “Feel Safe” Because of Her Race


Solange Knowles is speaking out regarding a
negative experience she recently endured while
attending a concert with her family.


Taking to Twitter on Friday evening, the talented
songstress detailed an incident in which she says
fellow concertgoers asked her to stop dancing and
sit down. In a series of lengthy tweets, Solange
explained, “Let me tell you about why black girls /
women are so angry….” adding , “I took my son,
his friend, and my husband to see Kraftwerk in
New Orleans…Was very excited to dance and
enjoy a band I love.”
She continued , “We are 4 of about 20 black
concert goers out 1500 here. 4 out of maaaybbe
[sic] 20 out of 1500,” and that when she started
dancing to the music, “4 older white women yell to
me from behind, “Sit down now” . I tell them I’m
dancing at a concert. They yell, “u need to sit
down now [sic]””

Knowles followed up, “We are at an ELECTRONIC
and DANCE music concert and you are telling…not
asking me…to sit down. In front of my child,”
revealing that the women threw a lime at her back.
The 30-year-old says she wanted to , “…share my
experience… So that maybe someone will
understand, why many of us don’t feel safe… in
many white spaces… We don’t “bring the
drama”…. Fix yourself.”
“Nobody goes to the Kraftwerk show with their kid
“looking for “drama” [sic] But that’s how u guys
like to spin this,” Solange continued . Knowles
shook the incident off, though, later tweeting that
her and husband Alan Ferguson spent the rest of
their evening “not giving a f–k” and “having fun.”
She then went on to defend African-Americans
living in Louisiana, calling them , “THE most
incredible, beautiful black. folk.”


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