Patience Jonathan linked to $20m finacial scandal


Patience has been tied to a money laundering
case involving an ex-special adviser to ex-
President Jonathan
An additional $5m has been traced to the account
of Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of former
President Goodluck Jonathan.

The EFCC says it has traced a fresh $5m to the
account of Dame Patience Jonathan, following
investigations into a financial crime involving one
of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s special
According to the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) the fresh discovery brings to $
20m the total amount so far traced to the former
first lady in an investigations into a money
laundering case.

A money laundering case against a former Special
Adviser on Domestic Affairs to ex-President
Jonathan, Waripamowei Dudafa, the EFCC had
traced four company accounts to him with a
balance of $15m.
The EFCC subsequently charged Dudafa and the
four companies with money laundering.
The four companies, whose accounts have since
been frozen, are Pluto Property and Investment
Company Limited, Seagate Property Development
and Investment Company Limited, Trans Ocean
Property and Investment Company Limited and
Globus Integrated Service Limited.
A source at the EFCC said: “While we were
investigating Dudafa, we traced the four companies
to him. The companies have domiciliary accounts
at Skye Bank with a balance of about $15m. So,
we obtained a court order and froze the accounts.
“We then traced the directors of the companies
who then denied ownership of the accounts. It was
later that we were informed that the accounts
belonged to Patience Jonathan and that she is the
sole signatory to the accounts. She was given a
special card which she used in making withdrawals
across the world.
“We, therefore, wondered why the accounts were
not opened in her name if she had nothing to hide.
In fact, we later found out that her personal
account, which bears her name, has a balance of $
5m. One wonders where a person, who has never
held a government position, got the money from.
She was not our initial target but she certainly has
questions to answer.”
Jonathan’s wife has, however, sued Skye Bank for
freezing her bank accounts and giving the EFCC
vital information about her finances.


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