Dozens Killed In Bangladesh Factory Blaze


At least 25 people have died in a huge blaze at a
packaging factory in Bangladesh, which firefighters
are battling to contain.

Around 100 people were working at the site when
the fire started in the boiler room of the Tampaco
Foils factory in the industrial town of Tongi, north
of the country’s capital Dhaka.
Seventy people were injured, many of them in a
critical condition, according to Parvez Mia, a
doctor at the Tongi government hospital.


Factory fires and accidents are common in
Bangladesh, especially in its massive garment
Police said there may still be some workers
trapped inside the four-storey building.
There may also have been chemicals stored on the
ground floor, which officials say would explain how
the fire spread so rapidly after it started at 6am
local time.


Around 70 people have been injured and 25 killed,
officials said
Mohammad Rokon, 35, was one of those who
escaped the fire with minor injuries.
He said: “I was working inside the office room
when I heard an explosion and felt a tremor.


A boiler explosion may be to blame for the fire and
badly-stored chemicals may have hastened its
“Then suddenly the ceiling started to fall on me.
“I almost became unconscious but I forced myself
to go out with the help of my phone’s flashlight.”


There were about 100 people inside the building
when the fire started
An investigation into the fire has been launched by
Bangladesh’s factory inspection department.
Fires and accidents are common in Bangladeshi
factories, particularly in the clothing industry,
which is the world’s second-largest.

Firefighters are still struggling to contain the blaze
Four years ago at least 111 workers were killed in
a fire at a nine-storey garment factory in the
Ashulia industrial area.
Six months later, 1,138 people died after the Rana
Plaza clothing factory collapsed.


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