Clinton Calls Half Of Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’


Hillary Clinton has claimed that half the supporters
of her presidential rival Donald Trump belong in a
“basket of
deplorables” of racists, homophobes,
sexists, xenophobes, and Islamophobes.
The Democratic nominee was later forced to state
she regretted her words after accusing Mr Trump
of galvanising this “irredeemable” group, saying
“he has lifted them up”.
Speaking at an LGBT fundraiser in New York, Mrs
Clinton said: “You can put half of Trump’s
supporters into what I call the basket of
deplorables … the racist, sexist, homophobic,
xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.


Race For White House Enters The Final Straight
“Unfortunately there are people like that, and he
has lifted them up … some of those folks, they are
irredeemable, but they are not America.”
The other half, the former US Secretary of State
claimed, are individuals desperate for change who
felt let down by the government and the economy,
who need sympathy.
Mrs Clinton later said she regretted calling the
supporters “deplorables”, saying that many were
hard-working Americans.
Her comments had been rebuked by Mr Trump’s
team, with campaign manager Kellyanne Conway
saying the comments were “slander” and had
insulted to millions of Americans.


First Presidential Debate to get under way on 27
Jason Miller, senior communications adviser to the
Republican nominee, said Mrs Clinton’s “truly
deplorable” remarks “revealed just how little she
thinks of the hard-working men and women of
And in a statement, Mr Trump said: “Hillary Clinton
should be ashamed of herself, and this proves
beyond a doubt that she is unfit and incapable to
serve as President of the United States.
“I will be President for all of the people, and
together we will Make America Great Again.”


Hillary Clinton: Would You Vote For Her?
The media are often prevented from attending Mrs
Clinton’s fundraisers, but Friday’s event, which
featured a performance from Barbara Streisand,
had been open to journalists.
A spokesman for the Democratic candidate, Nick
Merrill, suggested that she had been referring to
the “alt right” movement – a brand of American
political conservatism which is associated with
white nationalism.
Mr Merrill said on Twitter: “Obviously not everyone
supporting Trump is part of the alt right, but alt
right leaders are with Trump.
“And their supporters appear to make up half his
crowd, when you observe the tone of his events.”
Those attending the fundraiser on Friday were
urged by Mrs Clinton to “stage an intervention” if
they had friends considering voting for Mr Trump.
The property tycoon and former Apprentice star
was campaigning in Florida on the same day,
where he said he would order an attack on Iranian
boats if they harassed US Navy ships.


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