France: Female Paris attack plotters ‘directed by ISIL’


French authorities have said that three women
arrested for planning an attack in Paris were being
directed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the

Anti-terrorism prosecutor Francois Molins said on
Friday that the three suspects were determined to
carry out ISIL’s “deadly ideology”, and had been
given direction by ISIL members in Syria.
The women, aged 39, 23 and 19, were arrested on
Thursday night as part of a probe into a car,
loaded with six gas cylinders and three cans of
diesel, that was found on Sunday parked near the
renowned Notre Dame cathedral.
During the arrest one of the women, identified as
Sarah H., 23, stabbed a policeman in the shoulder
who had been keeping watch on them from an
unmarked car near the apartment, the investigator
Teams of police then swooped on the women and
in the struggle, the 19-year-old Ines Madani was
shot in the thigh and the ankle.


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