Buhari to demand recovery of looted funds at UN Assembly


Adelani Adepegba, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari will next week lead
the Federal Government delegation to New York,

the United States, where he will address the 71st
regular session of the United Nations General
Assembly on September 21, 2016.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama,
who stated this on Friday in Abuja, explained that
the President would use the opportunity to build
on his relationship with other world leaders and
demand the recovery of looted funds stashed away
in foreign countries.
According to him, the Federal Government will
canvass the election of an Afro-centric UN
Secretary-General, who will be pro-developing

He stated that Buhari would also push for the
candidature of Nigerians into various international
agencies which he said had influence on UN policy
and programmes globally.
Onyeama said it was absolutely important that
Nigeria engaged in multilateral relations, noting
that it had candidates for positions in International
Civil Aviation Authority and the United Nations
Human Rights Council.
He said the President would also engage the world
leaders and seek their support in the areas of
security, anti-corruption, governance and the
economy where Nigeria is currently facing
The minister said, “It is an opportunity for the
President to push for the reform of the UN, a UN
that is more inclusive of more countries. It is
another opportunity to engage world leaders and
push for recovery of illicit and looted funds,
address poverty, refugee issues and irregular
migrants; this is an issue that is affecting our
relationship with European countries.” Buhari, the
minister added, would also sign the Paris
Agreement on Climate Change which the United
States and China, had earlier signed.
Onyeama added that during the trip, the President
would also lead his delegation to the US-Africa
Business Forum, where Nigeria would be the
He said, “There will also be a high-level meeting
on the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad region,
the President is keen on addressing the problem of
the Lake Chad which would cost $15bn and we
would need to mobilize funding for the project.”


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