Omega Inkoom flaunts bikini body


Omega Inkoom was sexy like hot chocolate as she
stepped out to the beach with husband footballer
Samuel Inkoom and the kids.

“Before having babies I was very slim and then
bummmmm.Every thing changed when I got
pregnant, although people always told me I look
ok, I have always been self-conscious with my
body, It took me so many years to accept my BIG
THIGHS with all these cellulite’s, BIG STOMACH
and HEAVY BUTT with stretch marks, I decided not
to filter this photo just to show that everyone has
flaws but it’s up to u to accept yours and be

Since I accepted mine I have become more
happier with myself. Love yourself However u are.
Be happy, Be accepting , live life to please you not
any other person, be strong, STAY POSITIVE!!!! .”,
she captioned one of the photos.
Omega Inkoom is a make-up artist, wife of Black
Stars defender Samuel Inkoom, an entrepreneur
and founder of Kink Unisex Beauty Parlour.


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