24-year-old woman breaks record with her


An unusual model with six-inch long facial hair
has broken a record to become the youngest
woman in the world to have a full beard,
to the Guinness World Records.
Harnaam Kaur who is 24-years-old from Slough,
Berkshire said it was “humbling” to be included in
the famous book of records.
The body positivist campaigner revealed in
interviews that her beard started to grown when
she was 11 after she developed polycystic ovary
syndrome, a hormonal disorder that causes excess
facial hair growth.

At first, it used to be a source of shame to her but
after some years, Kaur said she began to embrace
her new look for good.
In March 2016 she became the first female with a
beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week;
a dream of hers she never thought was possible.
Kaur continues to join and lead campaigns for
body positivism in and around the UK.


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