Woman Loses Husband, Learns To Live Life To The Fullest


Justine McCabe’s husband John Paul committed
suicide last year. The loss of her husband was
coupled by the recent loss of her mother.
The pain was unbearable. McCabe spent the next
three months mourning, as anyone would, when
her family and friends made a suggestion. They
thought exercising would help lift her spirits.
The mother of two took a photo of herself as she
began her new health journey. That’s when she
realized it. McCabe was admittedly overweight at
313 pounds, but that was beside the point. After
the loss of her loved one, she stopped taking care
of herself.
“My husband’s death was a really heavy and
horrible time.

It was worsened because my mum had died not
long before, too. Having a loved one commit
suicide and being in the aftermath of that is one of
the most fearful, awful things you can go through,”
Justine told Caters News Agency. “The 365 days of
selfies was one of the first things I did; it started
during my mourning period — the first one was
horrible, I looked so lost and broken.”
McCabe began snapping a photo of herself every
single day. Each photo tracked her weight loss
progress, and after 365 days, she had lost 124


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