Pope declares Mother Teresa a Saint after 19 years


A picture of Mother Teresa hangs from the facade
of St. Peter’s in the Vatican.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
a Catholic nun who
devoted her life to helping India’s poor, has been
declared a saint of the Roman Catholic Church by
Pope Francis.
According to CNN, Pope Francis delivered the
formula for the canonization of the nun before a
crowd of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square in
Vatican City on Sunday, September 4, 19 years
after her death.

Speaking in Latin, Francis said: “After due
deliberation and frequent prayer for divine
assistance, and having sought the counsel of many
of our brother bishops, we declare and define
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to be a saint, and we
enroll her among the saints, decreeing that she is
to be venerated as such by the whole church.”
Catholics including hundreds of blue and white-
robed nuns from the Missionaries of Charity
sisterhood founded by Mother Teresa had gathered
from around the world to attend the canonization of
the church’s newest saint.

Pope Francis led the canonisation ceremony of
Mother Teresa
A huge portrait of Mother Teresa, whom the church
credits with having performed two miraculous
cures of the sick, hung from St. Peter’s Basilica
during the colorful ceremony.
Mother Teresa was born in 1910 to ethnic Albanian
parents. Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu grew up in what
is now the Macedonian capital, Skopje, but was
then part of the Ottoman Empire


At the age of 19, she joined the Irish order of
Loreto and was sent to India, where she taught at
a school in Darjeeling under the name of Therese
in 1929.
In 1946, she moved to Kolkata to help the destitute
and, after a decade, set up a hospice and a home
for abandoned children.
She founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950.
The sisterhood now has 4,500 nuns worldwide.
She died in 1997 at the age of 87 and was
beatified in 2003, the first step to sainthood.


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