Queen Elizabeth II is not dead, but reports of the
British monarch’s death still made the rounds this
week after a death hoax targeting the 90-year-old
went viral.

The Queen is the latest person to be the center of
false reports of an untimely death, though she may
be the most prominent one yet to fall victim to a
death hoax. The reports began circulating earlier in
the week after a story from a website called the
Guard1an , which was made to imitate the
legitimate U.K. newspaper the Guardian.
The report claimed that Queen Elizabeth II was
found dead after suffering a chest infection and a
bad cough and that the news of her death was
verified by officials from Buckingham Palace.
Although the website itself was a knock-off of a
real news outlet, the copy of the article could have
fooled readers who didn’t realize that it was a fake.
“Reports reaching us have confirmed that
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United
Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand,
and Head of the Commonwealth has passed
away at the Royal Lodge, her Windsor
residence, Buckingham Palace announced.
“The release from Buckingham Palace said
“with the greatest sadness, at about 3.15pm,
our beloved monarch Queen Elizabeth II
passed away. Queen Elizabeth II was born on
April 21, 1926 in London. She will be missed
but not forgotten” it said.”
There were some other signs that the Queen
Elizabeth II death story was a fake. Some readers
noted that the wording in the fake report was an
exact copy of the 2002 report of Queen Mother
Elizabeth’s death.
There have been many celebrities to fall victim to
viral death reports in the past few years, but
normally these are reserved for actors and athletes
and rarely strike world leaders, which are generally
harder to fool readers. Many noted that Queen
Elizabeth’s real death would have been major
international news, not relegated to one news
website and certainly not spreading exclusively on
social media.


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