UFC 202 LIVE: Conor McGregor beats Nate Diaz by majority decision after gruelling fight in Vegas


The duo go face to face inside the Octagon as The
Notorious looks to avenge his stunning UFC 196



How it was won
Conor McGregor’s excellent start secured the
victory for him.
While he picked off Diaz at will in the first fight,
effectively punching himself out, he was a little
more cautious this time. He relentlessly attacked
Diaz’s front leg and it paid off.
He secured three knockdowns in the opening
seven minutes but instead of gambling on the
ground to finish it he allowed Diaz back to his feet.
From there the tide appeared to turn.
Diaz came back strongly to secure a knockdown of
his own, but it wasn’t enough for a round with an
one judge.
But more importantly, the damage appeared to be
done. McGregor was exhausted and the fight
looked to be a re-run of 196.
Diaz smelled blood and sensed the Irishman’s
He’d take his first round of the fight, looking like
he was on the brink of a stoppage.
But somehow, despite taking countless shots to
the ahead and being pinned up against the cage,
McGregor hung on and came back strongly.
Diaz began to fade in the round that would cost
him the fight.
The ascendency was lost and McGregor landed
more leg kicks and shots to the head to nick the
From there it looked like a case of whether or not
he could survive five more minutes without taking
a 10-8 round.
He did, and he won.



Diaz: “McGregor or no one”
Nate Diaz said he was in better shape for their last
fight – which he took on 11 days’ notice – saying
his training camp was no good and that he was
carrying an injury.
“Hey good job today, Conor, but we’re going for
three. For real. Until then I ain’t coming back.”
But McGregor’s done at 170lb. That took so much
out of him. Out of both men. And McGregor’s
certainly not at his best there. He can’t do it over
five rounds. I know he did, but he was somehow
hanging on for the last 17 minutes. I’ve never seen
anyone looks so exhausted for so long.
He said “I proved the class difference but that
toughness and durability crept in the later rounds.”


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