Terror at wedding in Turkey as ‘suicide bomber’ kills eight and injures 60


ISIS are thought to be behind the attack in
Gaziantep on Saturday although no one has yet
claimed responsibility
Twenty two people have been killed and 94 injured
following a suspected suicide bombing at a
wedding party in southern Turkey.
Islamic State are thought to be behind the attack
on Saturday in the Sahinbey district of the city of
Gaziantep, officials said.
However, there was no immediate claim of
NATO member Turkey has suffered a string of
attacks this year by Islamic State fighters, who
pass relatively easily across the border from
neighbouring Syria, and by Kurdish militants
seeking autonomy or independence.
Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said
Saturday’s attack was probably carried out by a
suicide bomber.

Last month, the country was shaken by an
attempted coup by rogue elements of the military.
Thousands have since been arrested or sacked in
the military, police, civil service, judiciary and
academia in a crackdown on what President Tayyip
Erdogan calls a vast terrorist conspiracy.
Over 200 people were killed and the failed putsch
that Erdogan says was engineered by a former ally,
exiled islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.


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