Only my wife can make me happy – Mr Ibu


Mr Ibu and wife

Nollywood actor, John Okafor best known as Mr
Ibu, is not talking about Nollywood and its
challenges anymore as he has now focused his
attention more on his family.

He might be a very busy man but his family has
always been his top most priority and he has not
stopped appreciating how far he has come with his
wife there to support him with one hour of prayers.
The actor who some time ago said he is done with
child bearing has now made it a duty to
continually appreciate his wife for standing by him
all through the hard times and each time he
expresses his happiness, he has words to qualify

Mr Ibu disclosed that the only thing that makes
him happy is when he turns his face and see his
wife smiling then he knows all is well.
“The only thing that makes me happy is when I
look at your face and see you smile. My Heart is
settled because she is the contrast of my face,” he


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