I rushed to have children so I can get my shape back – Mercy Johnson


Mercy Johnson and family

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, may have been
criticized for rushing her child birth without
observing child spacing but she does not care
about how people perceive her.

The actress believes it’s her life and she has to
run it the way she wants without allowing people’s
opinion affect her.
Mercy speaking about having her fourth child soon
stated that it has been the way she has designed
her life before she became famous and will like to
keep to that.
She explained that she got married at the time she
had gotten to the peak of her career and when it
came she grabbed it because age was not on her

In her words, “I feel that when you haven’t gone
through life and you don’t have a bearing in life,
that’s when you see certain decisions as
unreasonable. Most of these people who make
these statements have not even realised what they
want to do with their lives yet.
“I had planned my life right from when I was
growing up. I arranged my life the way I wanted it
to go. And that is why even when I was at the
peak of my career and marriage came, I grabbed it
because I know age keeps going and time waits for
no one.
“It means that I can have all of my four kids and
then still get back to shape and come back to what
I love to do. So I am not going to say things like,
‘I don’t want to have kids yet’ or ‘I am not going
to get married and I want to keep acting because
the young shall always grow’, you are not going to
be number one forever. That is why when it is time
for you to do something, you do it. Yoruba will
always say in their prayers that when the time for a
child to talk has come, by the grace of God, she
will talk. When it’s time to go to school, he will go
to school. That’s what I’m trying to do. I want to
define my life in a way my daughter will want to
define her own life,” she said.


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