Jonathan again denies sponsoring Niger Delta Avengers


Former President Jonathan has again denied
involvement with the Niger Delta Avengers

The former president and some other people from
the Niger Delta region of Nigeria had been listed as
sponsoring the group that had attacked oil
installations in the country.
There were earlier reports that the presidency had
commenced a probe of Jonathan and his wife over
their alleged involvement with the group, but this
was denied by Lai Mohammed, the information
His denial comes at a period the agitators have
promised to declare the independence of the Niger
Delta region on October 1 this year.
In the released statement, Jonathan his rising
profile in Nigeria and abroad had intimidated some
people and that this was the reason why such
people sponsored negative reports against him.

His alleged involvement with the group, he said, is
one of such sponsored reports.
“It is sad that the two publications wore the cloak
of deceit from the same misguided characters that
are hell-bent on pulling down the former president,
despite his clear record of diligent service to his
country and long standing commitment to the
good of society.
“There is no doubt that there exists such people
who may have scores to settle with the former
president but are now feeling frustrated by the fact
that his national and international profile has
continued to rise, despite their recourse to endless
muck-raking character assassination.


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