Thai Resorts Rocked By Deadly Bomb Blasts


At least four people have been killed and more
than 30 people injured in a series of blasts
targeting tourist resorts in Thailand.

A wave of bombings were carried out in four main
locations in less than 24 hours, with witnesses of
the attack in the seaside city of Hua Hin reporting
devices had been hidden in plant pots.
They are believed to have been detonated remotely
using mobile phones.

There are currently no indications that any Britons
have been hurt in the explosions, although tourists
from Germany, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands
are among the injured.
The Hilling family from Newcastle were on holiday
with their friend Hannah Harkness in Hua Hin.
Darren Hilling said: “There’s obviously a
heightened threat because there’s now police
officers walking about and they’re the first I’ve
seen so far since we’ve been here for two days.”







Ms Harkness said: “I’m obviously in quite a lot of
shock because I’ve never been in this situation
“I woke up last night, a call from my mum from
home. I couldn’t believe it, I felt sick. I was
absolutely speechless, I don’t know how to feel.
“I thought I was going to come to this place and
feel safe but I heard it is very rare to happen here
so I do feel safe in the hotel we are in but still
obviously a bit queasy about what’s happening.”
The attacks in Hua Hin along with those in Phuket,
Surat Thani and Trang have been blamed by police
on “local sabotage”.
Investigations are likely to focus on the long-
running insurgency by Islamic militants in the
south of the country, which has claimed the lives
of more than 5,000 people over the last decade.
The blasts come less than a week after a
referendum to adopt a military-backed constitution
in a vote seen as the first test at the ballot box for
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who seized
power in a coup in May 2014.
He said said the government was doing the best it
“could to provide security to the country”.
“We have to band together and stay strong,” he
The latest blasts will come as a blow to the
country’s tourism industry, already hit by a bomb
attack on a Bangkok shrine nearly a year ago.
Hua Hin Adventure Tours guide Natsupa
Dechapanya said: “This ruins business. Hotels,
restaurants, tours, we were already suffering, but
this, it’s going to ruin our lives.”
Britons make more than one million visits to
Thailand every year, according to the Foreign


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