Most Christians are brainwashed to worship God – Charly Boy


Charly Boy is not ending his rant over what Pastor
E.A Adeboye‘s advice to his congregation not to
marry a woman who can’t pray or cook, as he has
left the preacher and now attacking his followers
whom he called ‘blind’ followers.

‘Call me names, think what you may of the Charly
Boy brand, na for your pocket! I no send you! I
will always say what I want to say and how I want
to say it regardless of the many fake people I
offend. Gbam! There is so much
hypocrisy/’fakeness’ going on in this goddamn
country it’s incredible. As a nation, we have
sacrificed patriotism on the altar of religion; looking
at America, their patriotism supercedes religion,
skin colour or economic background.” He said
He went on to say “A lot of us have been
brainwashed on how to worship God as some
churches now come up with different gimmicks. It
is not surprising to see people attend church
rituals involving frantic falls as if grasped by
epileptic seizures, forming attack by the spirits.
Yes, most of these dramatics are paid for, like the
Nollywood actor who claimed that the devil exited
his body through his foot. Now, some parents are
praying for their sick children at home instead of
seeking medical attention; or chaining children to
enable the pastors cast out demons. Many women
are caught having sex with pastors in corners or
found spending more time catering to their
pastors. How about husbands who have lost their
wives totally to randy, horny and perverted
pastors? Yes, what about the ones who can’t hold
down a marriage, when me wey dem talk say I dey
craze, don collect 39 years for one woman hand.
Kai! The list goes on…”

In conclusion, he said “… At the end of the day, I
know that how a man chooses to worship his God
is up to him. Worshippers are not forced to be
followers in any of these churches; they follow
some of these useless ‘men of God’ of their own
accord, thereby making the pastor’s wealth
acquisition fairly legal.
However, Christians should always have this in the
back of their minds. False Christians and false
prophets will appear and perform great signs and
miracles to deceive. Are you a learner? Look that
your pastor well well o. Man of God my Ass. End
time things!’


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