I’m not ashamed to be called a tailor – Elikem


In today’s modern day, many would prefer to be
called designers rather than Tailors.
This is due to
the fact that, the later name is seen as archaic but
for actor Elikem Kumordzi, the story is different.
“Honestly I see nothing wrong being referred to as
a tailor. I am proud of it. There are people who
have issues with that name but I actually enjoy it.
“Though I have people who help me in my line of
work, I do sit behind the machine to sew and I
design as well,”

Elikem Kumordzie is best known for representing
Ghana in the 2013 Big Brother Africa reality show
and he got married to Pokello Nare in 2015 in
The two were housemates during the 2013 BBA
reality TV series. The marriage came after Elikem
had proposed to Pokello in 2014.
He has featured in several movies including Happy
Deathday, Silver Rain, Cheaters Book 1, Cheaters
Book 2, Bachelors and Happy Deathday.


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