Uche Ogbodo Defends Self After Getting Blasted For New Hair Cut


Nollywood actress and producer, Uche Ogbodo
defended herself today in an interview with Punch
he coming under
fire for her new hair cut on instagram this past

Read what she said:
“I am aware of all the negative comments people
posted on my wall after I uploaded a picture some
days back. That picture and the make-up were
done for a designer that contacted me for a
celebrity runway gig. The make-up artist felt that
was the look that would work for them. I am an
artiste and that work puts food on my table. In my
past interviews, I have always said that I can do
anything for my job. I don’t care what people think
or say about me. It does not affect me in anyway
and it is not going to make me cry neither would it
make me feel bad about myself because I am a
very confident woman.”
“I began losing weight because after I had my
baby, some people said that I was too fat while
others felt I was not looking okay so I had to go to
the gym to work on my body. I am a very busy
girl and I work round the clock. If I am working on
my body, it is because of the love I have for myself
and my job so anybody who does not like it
should know that I don’t care. If you don’t like the
make-up applied on my face, then that is your
“Last week, I was filming in Abuja and I played the
part of a tomboy so I needed to cut my hair to
look the part. I have a full hair and I always cut my
hair. It is my job and I will do anything I have for
it. When the director told me to cut my hair to fit
the role better, I did not think twice about it and
that was why I did the Mohawk style. Right now, I
am producing my movie and I am going to play
the part of a blind girl. I will do anything to get
into character. I don’t care what people say about
my looks. I get bored with one particular look and
if you know me well, I change my looks from time
to time and if you do not like it that is your
business. I don’t care about what anybody says; I
wore the dress that the designer made and the
make-up artist worked on my face to sell the
product. When I got on the runway, people liked it
and they took pictures. That was why I decided to
upload it on my Instagram page so that my
followers would have a feel of what I did over the
“Instead of applause, I got comments that I look
like a masquerade or I am very dark. I am tired of
insulting people on my page. I have a very sharp
tongue and if I start to talk, people would say I am
rude and I would later have to apologise for it.
What I have learnt about being a celebrity is that
you can never satisfy everyone. My career
demands that I look different at all times. I am
going to post a picture of me as a blind girl and I
don’t care what people say,” .


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