Double Door Refrigerator PV-DD201L ₦ 68,000


The Polystar Double Door Refrigerator PV-DD201L
is the perfect kitchen appliance for large storage of
food items.
It has been integrated with the
healthiest technology to keep food fresh for a
longer period of time. Its high speed cooling
means food will be cooled in a relatively short
time. Having this double door refrigerator in your
home will enable you to buy food in bulk which in
the long term will save you a lot of money. One
other advantage of this refrigerator is that it gives
you the opportunity to arrange food items in an
orderly manner. It has a nice design and the silver
colour adds more to its overall elegant
The Polystar Double Door Refrigerator PV-DD201L
has a fruit and vegetable crisper which offers the
right temperature to keep the fruits & vegetables
fresh for as long as they are in there. Its 201 litres
capacity makes it the ideal refrigerator for large
kitchens. Even with its large capacity storage, it
still does not take up much space in your kitchen.
This refrigerator offers energy-saving benefits while
being highly functional. It has an interior light
which turns on when the door is opened so you
can easily see all the food items inside. The
Polystar Refrigerator is a must-have because it
looks great and is unbelievably functional.

buy now call us 08034011547

price can change at anytime


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